I start training for the Berlin Marathon one week from today!  This will be my third marathon training cycle and I am so excited for the journey.  I love the discipline of training because it forces me to meet myself where I am on a daily basis.  It is during marathon training when I get to know myself more deeply.  Its when I discover that when I think I’ve reached my limit I’ve simply turned a corner wherein lies another realm of strength and determination I didn’t know existed.  I will spend this week getting lots of rest and thinking about my race goals.  I achieved my current marathon PR at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, 2016, knocking 49 minutes off my first marathon time (New York, 2015), finishing in 3:22:39.  I am prepared to train for a finish time as close as possible to 3:10.  In the end though, it’s not about the time on the clock that matters but rather experiencing all the miles between now and the finish line.

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