Chill Track Friday: The Podcast

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Welcome to the Chill Track Friday podcast. This is a podcast to uncover the personal journeys of recreational athletes.  We speak to those who have a passion for running, a drive to excel, and a willingness to push hard to reach his or her potential.  We may not win races, but maybe we are competitive age group runners; we may not hold world records, but perhaps we continue to defy our own expectations.  We are the runners who know that our ability and willingness to show up to workouts day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year is an extraordinary feat.  We are the runners who consistently lace up our shoes regardless, and maybe because of, what life throws our way. For us, running is but one thread woven into a larger life tapestry that includes full time jobs, families, school, and/or limited time.

We invite you to join us as we talk to fellow runners about how they got into running, what gifts running has brought into their lives, how they train, and how they spend their working days when not running.  In addition to shining a spotlight on the everyday athlete, we will bring you stimulating conversation on topics such as training plans, recovery tips, race strategies, injuries, and nutrition, to name a few. Some of our guests will be professionals – physical therapists, sports psychologists, and coaching colleagues – while others will be fellow recreational runners sharing their personal running journeys. Our intention is to bring together a group of driven and motivated people to share their experience and goals.  We will also share insights gleaned from our own running journeys.

Who are we and what does Chill Track Friday mean? We are Ann Restak and Ali Brohi. By day we are an art historian and a user experience designer, respectively. Outside of office hours we are training partners, sub 3:10 marathoners, and RRCA certified Level I running coaches. Chill Track Friday is what we call our easy runs at the track on Fridays, and the time afterwards when we analyze the week’s workouts and strategize about the following weeks, all while drinking delicious coffee. Coffee is very important to this podcast and its origination. Our Friday morning track and coffee time is a wellspring of learning and growth. With this podcast we will bring the conversations to a wider audience. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.