2019 Holiday Special

Celebrate! It’s the end of 2019 and the end of an expansive year for our ourselves and for Chill Track Friday. In honor of this amazing year we have a very special episode and we are so excited to share it with you. As our first production year draws to a close, we compiled all the episode Training Tips into one, inspiration-filled episode. We hope you enjoy this gift and that it provides humor, inspiration and a feeling of community. We also hope that the episode inspires you to take a moment to reflect on what YOU have accomplished this year, in your running, and in your life. We encourage you also to reflect on what you want to bring with you into the new year. Thank you to all of our guests who have helped us build Chill Track Friday into what it is today. Thank you also to our listeners who have provided so much encouragement during our first year. We cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store!


Training Tips: Gordon Bakoulis: “Engaging Through Running” March 15  //  Rosemary Dooley: “In Running There Are No Quick Fixes” March 8  //  John Honerkamp: “Tools of Training” June 28  //  Ben Delaney: “Trust The Process to Unlock Your Potential” April 5  //  Roberta Groner: “When Talent Meets Drive There Are No Limits” August 9 //  Barbara Mann: “Passion Always Wins” May 31  //  Ann Restak: “Training for and Running the Boston Marathon” February 14  //  Laura Rodriguez: “Setting Big Goals” March 22  //  Stuart Calderwood: “Putting the ‘Track’ in Chill Track Friday” March 29  //  Ken Rolston and Ernie Rivas: “It’s Good to Dream Big” May 17  //  Christine Burke: “Born to Run” August 12  //  Andrea Retzky: “Featured Athlete” December 13  //  Sid Howard: “From Marathon to Mile” October 25  //  Matthew Futterman: “Running from the Heart” September 20  //  Jon Tascher “A New Beginning” July 12  //  Jim Mutton “Inspiration is Contagious” February 22  //  Brian Hsia “Featured Athlete” November 29  //  Cat Fitzgerald: “Empowerment Through Running” May 3  //  Ali Brohi “Injured: From Marathon Training Plan to Marathon Cross-Training Plan” March 1  //  Michael Capiraso “All Roads Lead to the TCS New York City Marathon” October 25  //  Adrian Brune “Focusing on the Beauty in the World” July 26  // Luis Porto “Building A Competitive Edge”  June 14  //  Mitchell Thornton “Keep Yourself in Check” April 19  //  Melissa O’Brien: “Featured Athlete” November 15  //  George Mendes “Getting it Done” April 12  //  Roberto Mandje “Pro Turned Recreational Athlete” February 7.