Engaging Through Running: A Conversation with Gordon Bakoulis

Engaging Through Running: A Conversation with Gordon Bakoulis.
In this two-part episode we interview Gordon Bakoulis. Gordon is an athletic force who has dominated the running world since she began racing competitively in the 1980s. To this day she races with purpose, fierce talent, and a pure love of the sport. This is an inspiring story of accountability, nurturing a talent, and courage to gracefully follow the road that it paves. From a 3:40:03 first-time marathoner to a five-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, Gordon offers us an intimate and beautifully told narrative of her compelling journey – in running and in life.

In this segment Gordon Bakoulis shares about her early childhood and how a winter of running around the neighborhood with a friend uncovered a talent and a passion for running. Gordon continues, sharing how she found ways to nurture her talent and how she stepped into the competitive running landscape.

In the second segment of our interview, Gordon Bakoulis articulates how she applies everything she learned as a champion road racer to now coaching other athletes. Gordon discusses what it’s like to mature in a field for which she retains the same amount of passion, dedication and talent. Though not aiming for the Olympic Trials, Gordon continues to dominate; she maintains age-graded times and age-graded percentiles that surpass the current Open champions. This is a thoughtful and humorous reflection on the continuity of a lifelong love of athletics, the pursuit of excellence, and the importance of balancing goals.