Featured Athlete Series: Andrea Retzky

In her application to be a Featured Athlete during her training for the TCS New York City Marathon on November 3, Andrea posed many of her marathon goals as questions: “Can I still get faster? How much of that is mental and how much is physical? How do I push myself and still stay on the right side of injury? And how do I balance the time demands of training with parenting?” These are questions that so many runners ask. We ask them ourselves, and so we knew we wanted to do whatever we could to help Andrea, even the slightest bit, to find her answers at this moment in her journey. Andrea’s curiosity, commitment, and willingness to get as much out of her training cycle as possible was, and continues to be, inspiring to us. This is a wonderful story about the fruits of setting goals and taking advantage of a window of opportunity. This is a wonderful account of what ultimately turned out to be an ideal training cycle…and race. Andrea had the race we all hope for but don’t always get. Thank you Andrea for your hard work, accountability, and steadfast commitment to yourself and your goals.