Featured Athlete Series: Brian Hsia

Brian is an experienced and skilled runner. He is also a coach and an important mentor to the Chill Track Friday coaches. When Brian applied to be a Featured Athlete we were delighted, yet surprised. We wondered what more we could offer him than what he already has. That’s one of Brian’s defining characteristics, though; he maintains a beginner’s mindset and is willing to learn from whomever he can. This quality defines the spirit of Chill Track Friday and the goals of our Featured Athlete series so we were honored to accept him. In his application, Brian highlighted that his desire to be a Featured Athlete was to have accountability for his own goals. Because he was coaching many runners and pacing many races, his training was suffering. Brian’s journey is one of expansion, heart, and dedication to a higher purpose. This is a beautiful story of how running can be a tool of service and love for others. It was truly a privilege to have the opportunity to help someone who has helped us so much. Thank you, Brian.