Focusing on the Beauty in the World. A Conversation with Adrian Brune

Adrian Brune is passionate about “The Story.” She has been searching for it from a very young age so it is no surprise that Adrian is a journalist. Adrian is also an athlete. Perhaps, then, it was inevitable that her talents would converge. Adrian is curious, inquisitive, courageous, and resilient, and she exhibits all of these qualities in both her career and in her athletic pursuits. After a tentative dip into long-distance running, Adrian eventually dove headfirst into marathoning, ultimately deciding to make running marathons around the world THE story. This is a unique and sensitive account of Adrian’s experience, the lessons she learned while visiting other countries, and the observable gifts that running offers people across the world.

For a more detailed account of her destination marathoning, see her article for Foreign Affairs, titled “Racing to Rebuild the Middle East” here: