The Wise Runner: A Conversation with Anthony Peña
Anthony Peña is the guy you always hope to find and run with in a race…IF you can keep up with him. Anthony is a calm, steady, decisive, intelligent and wise runner. These qualities make him a superlative coach as well. If you know Anthony then you know he is a wealth of knowledge and also kindness and encouragement. He is always willing to share his experience and tips with anyone who asks. Ever offering a positive take on events and experiences, Anthony nurtures runners in a way that inspires confidence and growth. Anthony takes the same approach in his own running. Because he understands the value of patience and consistency, he does the work, respects the process, and also respects his body and how it reacts to his training and goals. This is a valuable conversation about adapting along the way, delayed gratification, and the importance of keeping perspective in the interest of long-term goals. Thank you, Anthony for leading with such integrity and intelligence.