Tools of Training with John Honerkamp

John Honerkamp, Founder and President of Run Kamp, LLC is a rare blend of running talent, creativity, entrepreneurial vision, drive, and resources. The result is that John regularly helps hundreds of thousands of people incorporate running into their daily lives. Recognizing needs within the running community, John draws from his experience, and his ability to see where he can contribute, to collaboratively build systems, programs, and communities. John is a doer. He is innovative, supportive, positive, and oh so funny! The running community is bigger and more inclusive and fun with Honerkamp at the helm.

In this fascinating discussion, John describes the technical side of his role in developing a training product geared towards the everyday runner. John’s flair is apparent, as well as his vision and priorities.

In the second half of our conversation, John highlights the opportunities and support found in running with a group of like-minded people. He speaks of the courage in just showing up, and the importance of timing, in running and in life. John’s positive outlook is motivating and supportive. This episode will make you want to grab a friend and go try out that new running group.