With consistency and determination, anything is possible.

We runners are drawn to running for various reasons at different points in our lives. Some of us were track stars as kids, while others, like myself, arrived to the sport later in life. I started running in 2011 and was instantly drawn to the self-directed nature of running, and the personal growth that results from the required discipline. The gratitude I feel for the role running plays in my life informs my coaching philosophy. I coach with a flair that is optimistic, instructive, enthusiastic, supportive, and productive; it insists on respect, accepting every runner exactly where she is in her running journey, while helping her to advance from that point.

My goals as a coach are, first and foremost, to help facilitate an environment that is educational, uplifting, and inspiring. I instruct in a friendly and relaxed manner, yet one that is also methodical and professional. Each runner is encouraged to challenge herself within a collaborative relationship. I will help each runner achieve her existing athletic goals, as well as support her in shaping those goals as they evolve along the journey.

I am an RRCA Level 1 certified coach. I am a coach for the New York Road Runners Group Training program in Central Park and Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. I have run four marathons with a personal best of 3:09:39 in Boston, 2018; 12 half marathons with a personal best of 1:27:09, and many shorter distance races.

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