The Boston Marathon 2018

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“Memory is an abstract painting; it does not present things as they are, but rather as they feel.” —Eudora Welty

The memories of my 2018 Boston Marathon experience are snippets; flashes of thought tethered to visual imprints. I’m not certain if what I remember is actually what happened, but this is what I remember: The Boston Marathon 2018

The Berlin Marathon 2017

This Sunday will be three weeks since running the Berlin Marathon. The race feels decades away, especially since many friends have run marathons since, and also because my body feels absolutely fine and has since the Wednesday after the race. The Berlin Marathon 2017

Running and Commitment

As the countdown to Berlin Marathon Training Day #1 continues, I’m thinking about commitment and what it means to commit to marathon training.  Like any commitment, whether it is to a job, a significant other, or a way of life, committing to a 16-week training plan is a well thought out choice. Running and Commitment


I start training for the Berlin Marathon one week from today!  This will be my third marathon training cycle and I am so excited for the journey.   Beginning